Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We don’t want print to cost the earth.

We’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment, whilst also raising awareness of good environmental print practices.


We use FSC-certified, sustainably managed paper and board which can be traced back through the supply chain to its sustainable source. Our paper and board have not been harvested illegally, or in any way that would threaten conservation areas.

Almost every product we produce on paper or board is also available on a recycled paper or board.

The vast majority of our litho printing is done with vegetable/soy based inks. Vegetable-based inks significantly reduce the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released into the air during printing.

Our litho print also utilises chemistry-free, process-less printing plates, so no harmful chemicals are used in plate production and the aluminium plates are recycled.


Our digital print devices, and servers all operate on the strictest possible energy saving routines, and when they’re not in use they’re turned off.

Our electricity is from 100% renewable sources).

Our toner and Inkjet cartridges, expired fuser units and full waste containers are recycled via accredited recycling schemes.


We’ve worked hard to remove plastic from our packaging.

We re-use and recycle cardboard boxes to pack our printed items and our delivery labels and stickers are made from recycled paper. All packing/stuffing materials are also made from recycled paper.


Some of products such as eyeletted banners, waterproof posters and roller banners are printed onto PVC.

These products are now available using a PVC-free material and we ensure this is option is offered to our customers.


Our national deliveries are handled almost entirely by DPD who have a long term commitment to replace their fleet with EVs. Currently, around 30% of our national deliveries are completed by a DPD EV.

Local deliveries are usually completed in-person, on foot!

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